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360 RWA

Providing a seamless, borderless and accessible experience to Real-World Assets globally via an end-to-end platform

Moving Ahead

Where We Are Today

78 Properties Onboarded

We have 78 properties currently onboarded with a total value of $20M

5 Lifestyle Partners

Onboarded F&B, Hotel and Gaming partners into our network

Revenue First

Generating revenue with our onboarded properties

MVP App Marketplace

Fully funded and marketplace app prototype in progress

First Property Acquired

Purchased and tokenised first property located in Johor, Malaysia

Fully KYC & Audited Team

Our team is fully KYC and audited

We're Starting Strong

Leading The Change In Real Estate With $RWA

We envision a future where lifestyle means the freedom to call the world your home.

At TRL, we’ve created an ecosystem to make this a reality—beginning with our pioneering Home Subscription Service that lets you live, invest and own homes wherever and whenever you want.

African American Family Eating In Nice House TRL

Solving Today's Real Estate Challenges

The Existing Barriers To Homeownership

Rising home prices, interest rates, and income disparity make homeownership an increasing concern for future generations. The struggle to maintain an acceptable quality of life intensifies each year, with core foundational pillars approaching unaffordability.

Changing Lifestyle Demands of Today's Generation

Today’s younger generation demands lifestyle flexibility. The idea of being landlocked and holding on to a single mortgage no longer resonates with the youth of today. With many of them no longer wanting to purchase a home, they are instead seeking alternative living arrangements that offer both financial and geographic freedom.

Restrictive & Troublesome Real Estate Experience

The traditional financial infrastructure imposes many restrictions and complexities on the process of homeownership and investing. Consequently, this often discourages young adults and first-time buyers from entering the market, pushing them towards alternative financial solutions.


The Future of Real Estate Is TRL

At the heart of TRL lies our commitment to democratize real estate. We’re breaking down the barriers that have kept real estate unattainable and building a real-estate ecosystem that meets the demands of today’s generation.


Invest In A Global Real Estate Portfolio

Unlock the ability to invest in a globally fractionalized portfolio of handpicked properties. Earn yields from your $TRLX investment and maximize your returns, not from just one, but from multiple properties across the globe.


Earn $RWA Tokens Through The Ecosystem

Whether you are an investor or a customer in our ecosystem, you have the opportunity to earn more with our $RWA utility rewards token. Earn $RWA tokens by staying in, purchasing, or staking in our property portfolios, and spend your earnings in a multitude of ways.


Own & Live In Properties All Across The Globe

As a customer of the TRL ecosystem, you have access to a suite of products and services that allow you to live anywhere, seamlessly and without borders. Whether you aim to rent a villa in Bali or build a dream home for your family, we’ve got you covered.


Earn & Spend With Our Global Lifestyle Partners

The $RWA token is designed to bring real life utility to our ecosystem. As a currency within our platform, $RWA enables individuals to effortlessly spend on a variety of services, such as rent payments, utility bills, boosting yields and spend on various lifestyle experiences across the globe.


The World's First Home Subscription Service

Our first product is a home subscription service, making renting flexible and easy. No security deposits, upfront rental, and long term agreements. Just a subscription that allows you to choose from ALL our fully furnished properties around the World.

Meet The Team

We’re a global team of business owners and entrepreneurs in the real estate, capital investments, marketing, esports and technology industries who have successfully built businesses both in the web2 and web3 space. We’re dedicated to making the world a more seamless, transparent, and accessible place by setting new standards for investments, ownership, and asset transactions in the real world.


Become a Part of The TRL Movement

Invest In Our TRLX NFT To Own A Global Portfolio

Be the first to invest in our globalised property portfolio and start maximising your earnings.

Invest In Our TRL Ecosystem With Our $RWA Token

Join our pre-sale and invest in our $RWA Utility Rewards token to start growing together with our ecosystem.

Our Corporate Partnerships

Management Consultant & Business Strategist

Advisory, Web3 & Tokenomics

Branding & Marketing


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